SNI Global Resources

SNI Global Resources is focused on Agriculture and food security. Its commercial interest is the development of a planned, integrated and sustainable Malaysian beef industry through the development of the fully integrated livestock farming and beef production facility that manages the importation of livestock, feedlotting, slaughtering, processing, packing and marketing of beef in Malaysia.

We are a family-owned-and-operated 10-acre feedlot at Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. We take great pride in our work. Our cattle receive the utmost in care and nutrition, assuring that they are healthy animals who produce high-quality food. This feedlot is designed for the cattle to enjoy a clean and stress free environment whilst maintaining the viability of the surrounding eco-system. Cattle are fed a balanced diet consisting of nutritious steam flaked grains and other locally produced feed products. This feedlot has a capacity of 1000 head. We have demonstrated, through the implementation of recognized quality assurance systems, that we are committed to operating in accordance with the requirements and expectations of consumers, markets, regulatory authorities and the wider community. We always strive to provide leading customer service through our fresh approach and attitudes.

Our People

Our valuable personals in the firm are as following:

  • Manager                             -   Siti Noraziah binti Yaakop
  • Admin/Acount                    -  Nor Mustha'ain bin Ahmat Nor
C.I.D.B. - Sijil Perakuan Pendaftaran

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